High Street

Our high street range is sourced from London. All items are brand new and up to date with current trends. We come across a lot of items which the top high street stores, are selling…for a third of the price!

We are more than happy to look for for specific styles and types of clothing, if you just contact us, we will keep our eyes open for you!

If you know that you want a party for a specific occasion, and need evening outfits for example, again let us know and we will make sure we go to the appropriate sources.

Below are photos of the majority of stock that we have with in the high street range. Most items come in a varitey of colours and sizes – so don’t hesitate to ask what else we have!

To give you a rough guide of prices, nothing within our high street range is over £20. We like to think that we are fair with prices to insure that our customers aren’t being over prices for their outfits.

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